Her Story

Life is a lesson; Pain is the teacher 

F. J. Al-salama

Her story is a recovery journey of a woman who has been fighting with her self to find her inner peace and voice. Through this journey she has learned to listen and follow her heart. It will not be easy to help yourself heal nor will it be a one path jorney; but at the end of this journey – you will succeed!

Life as we know it, is a gift from the Almighty – a gift that offers so much to you and those around you. As humans we stumble from one milestone to another, from one challenge to the next, we keep going and we pray for the best. Life as we know it, is a mysterious expedition that never cease to amaze you. It’s a journey that comes and goes; special enough for those who take the time to understand their purpose. Life as we know it, is not knowing where you are headed as you take on different paths. It is a long roller coaster ride from which there is no turning back. Life as we know it, is just a box full of surprises!

Published by Muslichiyat

In the name of Allah Most Gracious, Most Merciful; All praise, gratitude and thanks are due to Allah, The Almighty, The Lord of the worlds; and prayers and blessings are upon my beloved Prophet Muhammad, his family, Companions and followers. Muslichiyat was founded by F. J. Al-salama in 2014; The founder Al-salama is a graduated Social Service Worker working as a Community Outreach Worker for non-for-profit organizations. She is an in-training Muslim Marriage/Life Counselor; with excellent certified experience in the digital art-design and video/photography industry building a Muslimah inspiring and motivating brand. Muslichiyat is a brand built to motivate the Islamic art and media come to life. Muslichiyat is a brand that aims to stand out and reach out to the community with a strong intention to inspire one soul at a time; a mission taken on with the ability to create a better you while bettering ourselves in every step of the way. A brand that provides multiple services for its clients; from creating logos, cards, flyer designs to making videos and photoshoots. Let Muslichiyat make your brand, your moments and capture your events!

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