The Lost Voice

Be optimistic, even if you are in the eye of the storm.

Dr. ‘A’id Al-Qarni

“You’ll live to see another day,” something she heard a lot recently. She seemed to have forgotten that with each situation, good and bad works together in a mysterious way to form a greater ending. Every ending is the beginning of another story and every beginning is an end of one story! — Even though she was unable to see the ending as the beginning of a new phase; she believed that things were going to be better. She was overwhelmed by her present situation. Her mind clouded by life’s bitterness but it was her heart that she needed to trust. She knew that in time she would get back up and everything will be okay again; yet her mind seemed so far from making this true.
Little did she know that the worst was coming her way. After everything she has been going through in the past few weeks; she couldn’t seem to find a break. The pain just kept creeping in through the cracks desperately wanting to tear her apart. No matter how much she got back up the next morning, she still felt the pain in her heart. Unfortunately, this was just the beginning of the journey that will change her life forever!

In a heart beat her soul was at the edge of giving up on life and all the hope that was left was stolen by the tears that never stopped streaming. Every night she would struggle to find sleep as she walked through her memories to find joy that no longer exists. She was alive in her mind, yet felt dead in the world; she existed just because. She would watch the sun set with no regrets; yet it rises with another storm to face; this was the journey written by her Creator above, a journey that she stumbled upon and has accepted it all. The storms arrived one after another, with no time to process them. “Do people think they will be left alone after saying ‘We believe’ without being put to the test?” – [Qur’an 29:2] What was meant to happen is happening, there is no way to control the situation but to remain calm. The trials and tribulations came together in synced in a rhythm of pain meant only for her; the purpose was not to break her. Her trials were meant to push her in a position where her head would bow down to the ground. She felt the weight pushing on her shoulders that she finally realized that it was a gift from Allah (God) sent to her to guide her back to the right path.
Indeed, (Oh Muhammad), you do not guide whom you like, but Allah guides whom He wills. And He is most knowing of the [rightly] guided – [Qur’an 28:56] Allah (God) chose her at this moment to find guidance. She may have not realized this right now because she was going through so much but in time she will see the blessing behind this trial. As she continued to fight with herself, she found a moment of silence. In the depth of her silence she found the voice she thought was lost; in the mist of all her pain she found her strength. Her inner voice whispered a reminder, “Be optimistic, even if you are in the eye of the storm” and that she was!

Published by Muslichiyat

In the name of Allah Most Gracious, Most Merciful; All praise, gratitude and thanks are due to Allah, The Almighty, The Lord of the worlds; and prayers and blessings are upon my beloved Prophet Muhammad, his family, Companions and followers. Muslichiyat was founded by F. J. Al-salama in 2014; The founder Al-salama is a graduated Social Service Worker working as a Community Outreach Worker for non-for-profit organizations. She is an in-training Muslim Marriage/Life Counselor; with excellent certified experience in the digital art-design and video/photography industry building a Muslimah inspiring and motivating brand. Muslichiyat is a brand built to motivate the Islamic art and media come to life. Muslichiyat is a brand that aims to stand out and reach out to the community with a strong intention to inspire one soul at a time; a mission taken on with the ability to create a better you while bettering ourselves in every step of the way. A brand that provides multiple services for its clients; from creating logos, cards, flyer designs to making videos and photoshoots. Let Muslichiyat make your brand, your moments and capture your events!

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