Flip the Switch

“I am so annoyed,” She said
Flip the switch!” echoed the voice
“I am really tired!” She replied
Flip the switch!” echoed the voice
” I am drained and can’t seem to catch a break.” She replied
Flip the switch!” the voice echoed once more
“I feel so broken and lost….” She cried
JUST FLIP THE SWITCH!!!” the echo yelled ou

Her mind did one thing and her heart did another; no matter what the mind thought of, it was her heart that she continued to follow. So strange how humans were created, so frail yet so strong. The mind and the heart, both stranded in one body pulling and pushing, fighting against one another. Both organs in the human body working with a different purpose yet together are stronger and apart they wander. The heart seems to have its own reasons that the mind will never know, and that’s okay too because at the end together they conquer the blow.

Her mind didn’t seem to understand what the her heart felt what needed to feel. Her thoughts have given up yet her heart has not. She knew when the time came it was her mind that took her out of the hole and it was her heart that gave her light in the darkness. Her mind built the stairs to climb out and her heart gave her the strength to start climbing. Her mind was a mysterious place filled with confusion; her heart was a vessel that continued to believe. Her mind filled with hope and her heart filled with prayers. Together there was no room for disbelieve.

When you just think that this is it, the end, I have had enough, or the thought of you not being able to do it any more – there’s that voice at the back of your head that keeps whispering “Flip the switch” – It’s your heart that always holds on to the rope even when your mind wants to let go. So what does it mean to “Flip the switch”??? It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3, change your thought is flipping the switch. Yes, it may seem impossible right now, but you ca change the no to a yes, the yes to a no, the now to later and the later to now.

I explained to her what was taught to me as a young woman by my great grandmother (May her soul rest in peace) who used to tell me, “Kila shimo lina mwanzo wake na mwisho wake. Ukitaka, angalia juu kuona mwanganza au angalia chini kuona giza” – this swahili phrase which states, “every hole has a beginning and end; if you choose, look up there’s light and look down there’s darkness.” I know it’s not making sense right now but believe it when I say I too never understood this phrase till now that I am older. I get the meaning because in life, we have two choice, we either see the glass half empty or we see it half full. Which choice you make will determine how you view your own journey.

She understood that the human heart and mind processed information in different ways. It was okay if her mind sometimes refused and rejected an idea because the heart on the other hand, may be impressed by a sudden sensation that can cause change in ones whole life choices. Her journey is not over yet. It just beginning!