Mwanamke Mwema

Abu Ubaydah is a center that runs Islamic related programs for children and youth, working together with Zancana a non-for-profit organization that aims to help East African individuals living in Canada. Abu Ubaydah Islamic Centre has agreed to a “girls only weekend program” that will be facilitated by Fat Hia Jiddawy a Social Service Worker Graduate from Centennial College and a former student of the Qur’an classes at Abu Ubaydah. This project is built for girls by girls to help, empower, develop, and deliver a stronger woman.

The program is based on a girls-only space held at Abu Ubaydah Islamic Centre locate at 256 Eddystone Ave North York, ON M3N1H7; for girls 9 to 17 years of age. This will be a great opportunity for the girls to come together to try new activities, explore career and life goals, develop skills, and discuss topics in a safe place. Girls will be given a chance to explore and build leadership skills, get to empower one another, and enhance their self-esteem while learning to live safely in their communities, make new friends as they learn to understand and to face challenges in the world.

The program is called “Mwanamke Mwema” which dedicates to focus only on girls and young women who will receive full support on religious views, difficult issues, share ideas, express creativity, explore interests and plan for their future; all while having fun and be a part of a sisterhood. There will be a $10 fee (one-time non-refundable) for the program as it offers something new and exciting each week for 10 weeks, three hours a day every other Saturday from 11am – 12pm. Starting March 14th – July 18th .

The program offers religious guidance, fun games, learning experiences, art and crafts, special activities, on top of that an opportunity to gain confidence, learn leadership, and have a safe place to be a girl. A chance to reflect and share experiences in a focus group environment with healthy snacks provided during the program. For the girls in high-school this would conclude in receiving volunteer hours as they will get a chance to mentor the younger girls; to top it up, all individuals who attend each week and complete the program will receive both participation and/or achievement certificates.

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