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While you take care of everyone else, do not forget to take care of yourself.

F. J. Al-salama

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You are not just a girl but the future, you are more than meets the eyes!!


Being a girl means being a unique creature created by the Greatest. It means to understand your gift to the world, as the Qur’an and Hadeeth states, when you are a daughter you are a door way for your father, when a wife you complete the husbands deen and when a mother jannat lies beneath your feet. I know there are others, like me, who have felt deeply misunderstood but according to my girlfriends who have been in my life since middle school; it means you are more than what you see in the reflection in front of you.

Girl 1: “You are a diamond in a rub because you go through so much as a girl, as a woman, as a mother and it never stops. You are the toughest and the roughest.”

Girl 2: “You are a moon, standing out from a million; shinning through even if the clouds have blocked it. She must believe in herself and cannot doubt who she is; at the same time she is never alone always surrounded by her friends who support and push her to keep growing and keep going!”

Girl 3: “Being a girl means being super-awesome. It means to be strong for yourself and for others and never to find fault in oneself unless necessary. But really just think about how many things you are able to do as a woman, not only can you do what man can but more and better.”

Girl 4: “It means having the responsibility to keep the people around you united and to protect and love each one knowing that no matter how different they are, they are deserving of love!”

What does “being a girl” mean to you? — let me know and I will add your comment.

Asalam aleykum ladies,

I pray you are well. I just wanted to reach out to you and see what you have been doing. I know summer officially just started but for some of it started a little bit early. Due to the pandemic we are all sort of going through the same thing. We have been stuck at home with not much to do really but we are doing most we can.
So let me hear your stories. How was this school year? Are you excited to continue your educational journey? What have you planned for your vacation? What else can you share?

Before I forget let’s give a big CONGRATULATIONS to those who have just graduated, whether it was grade 6, 8 or 12 Mabrouk!!!! I am super excited to hear about your journey and how it went and where it is going. I pray you continue to blossom into the beings you were meant to be. Ameen!

Again just a little reminder, during this time most people may feel sad, stressed or a little overwhelmed but do not hesitate to talk to your parents, keep in touch with your friends, and if you totally need a super duper new friend I am just an email away.

Have FUN!!!

Bismillahi Rahman Raheem (In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful)

Maybe you have heard this before and may be this is your first time to hear it, but when someone tells you that life is like a cup of tea. You are probably thinking of the easiest way to make tea, boil the water and drop in the tea bag with two sugars. But wait the quote also states that it’s all in the “how” you make it. Now think of making a spiced tea with milk and all the fancy stuff.

My mom taught me to easily think of the easiest thing to make, Nothing comes without an effort, we have to get up every morning no matter what we are feel or how we are feeling and push our bodies to do what we are meant to do. Life is really like a cup of tea, and the best tea is the best life.

I am sure if you rush it, it will be bland and simple, but when you steep your tea and boil

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